cancer chemicals

eliminating chemicals from your body and environment

It is important to eliminate any extra chemicals from your body as to take the pressure off your immune system. You will need to review all of your self-care products such as deodorants, hair care products, body/face products, make up, tooth/mouth care. If you’re trying to rid your body of extra chemicals as to remove any added pressure off your immune system then the more chemicals that you can rid your environment and body of the better.  There are many organic self-care products on the market to replace all of chemical based products. We would be more than happy to recommend a number of brands and where to get them.

You also need to eliminate the chemicals that we find around homes and work environment. Think about cleaning products, laundry products, air fresheners, gardening products, anything that you use in you home or work place.  Again don’t worry, as there are many organic or chemical free products to replace them with, trust me it is truly not as big a job as you think it will be.