cancer exercise

what type of exercise and how much should I do?

Exercise is hugely important to help heal your body and maintain wellness. We recommend at least 30mins a day, of gentle exercise such as walking, yoga, simple stretching. Preferably to be taken outside in nature, as the environment has a profound impact on us and it can assist with our healing. Our environment can play an important part it can help rebalance us emotionally as well as uplift and calm us. Also getting enough sunlight is important for you’re healing. A good beach walk or somewhere with grass and has trees is always mood enhancing.

Once you’re body is well we suggest more strenuous exercises such as cycling, yoga, swimming, tennis etc. You need to be exercising for a minimum of 40mins at least 3 times a week, more if you can fit it in.

Finding the right exercise, which is enjoyable as well as being in right environment, is important. Exercise has to be a part of you’re life moving forward so to maintain you’re wellness. If possible make exercise a social thing, attend a class or join a group because you are much more likey to continue with it on a regular basis if its fun and you can share the experience.