following and trusting your intuition

We believe that your intuition/gut feeling is your personal guidance system to what works best for you in every area/situation of your life. Most people that I have spoken to over the years have a rough idea or a knowing of what is right for them. Its that inner feeling that we get when something is right for us or of course when something isn’t quite right. If you get an uneasy feeling about something or you feel something is just a bit OFF with a situation, then please DO listen to your inner knowing, it won’t let you down.

Our intuition is one of our best tools to help in our healing. It is really important to start listening to your intuition in every situation especially when dealing with your health. If you feel you are not in touch with your intuition or you are unsure in anyway of how to interpret your intuition then we can certainly show you how to start listening to understand the clear messages that its constantly showing you.