what does self care actually mean?

It means what to do when the proverbial hits the fan!!

No it’s not another “New age, airy fairly” phrase, it’s actually a very important if not the most important part or your healing journey back to wellness.

Self care is first taking a long, slow, deep, breath, right after you get you’re diagnosis. Its taking deep breaths in order to catch your breath right after you having had the wind knocked out of you, to enable you to find a way forward.

Self care is about putting your needs above everyone else’s and knowing what your needs are.

Self care is about listening to yourself and acting on your intuition.

Self care is stopping and relaxing when you need to.

Self care is feeding yourself the right foods to enhance your healing.

Self care is accepting yourself, loving yourself warts and all and knowing how to be gentle with yourself when you need to.

Self care is having gratitude and appreciation for all that is positive in your life, and practicing feeling gratitude on a regular basis.

Self care is getting enough rest and sleep.

Self care is doing the things you love to do.

Self care is spending time with the people you love and with those who love you. (Pets included).

Self care is finding things that make you laugh and bring you joy as often as possible.

Self care is connecting to your soul on a regular basis.