reduce stress and increase the laughter

Reducing cancer stress is absolutely vital in the healing process. Continued stress has been proven time and time again to effect many aspects of our minds, bodies and emotions. Its continued presence in our lives will eventually be detrimental to your health on a number of levels. We believe that laughter and positive feeling emotions have just as big effect on healing us, as does stress in harming us. When we are happy, loving and laughing, our bodies are flooded with cancer fighting immune cells, our relationships improve and we feel better.

We suggest getting as much laughter into your life as possible. Spend time watching comedies, reading funning books, watching light hearted films/programs. Spending time with your pets and light hearted people that make you smile. Positive feelings have a positive impact on your health.

We strongly advocate relaxation exercises, such as slowly tightening all the major muscle groups thoughout the body, tightening one group at a time, holding them tight for the count of 5 and then slowly releasing each muscle group, and feeling each muscle release and relax as they become soft and loose, then take a long slow breath before tightening the next group. Do this exercise often throughout your day and whenever you become aware that you are holding tension.

Find as much happiness and joy as possible, actively seek out things that make you laugh this will boost your healing process.