cancer care: how can shining bright help you?

Shining Bright has been established because we feel there is a massive need to help and support people suffering with cancer along with cares and supports of people with cancer. Just take a look at Australia’s current cancer rates as reported by the Australian Government 1 in 3 people under the age of 75 years will suffer from cancer at some point in their lifetime. YES 1 IN 3!!!  Shocking isn’t it?

If you have found your way to our website then more than likely you are someone who has been touched by cancer in some way. I am thinking that you are looking for a ways to enhance your current treatment and give yourself the best chance or remission/recovery. Or you are supporting someone who is suffering from a cancer and you’re looking for more ways to support him or her. Well let me assure you right here and now, you have come to the right place. Shining Bright (in a nutshell) is a place that offers strategies for healing, health and empowerment.

We help people who have been diagnosed with cancer along with their cares/supporters. We offer support, practical sound advice, clear direction, along with strategies for healing and wellness. We take a holistic approach to your care through researched, tried and tested approaches.

We offer one to one sessions for either the person with cancer or the carer/supporter or both together. These sessions can be via Skype or face-to-face depending on your location. We run group workshops around Australia for both carers/supports and/or the person with cancer.

We use clinically researched, tested methods and show you and your carer how you can get the best chance of a remission and regaining your wellness. We will gently hold your hand through the learning process and give you the tools and skills that you need to get the best chance of getting well and maintaining your wellness for years to come.

As I mentioned earlier, we take a holistic approach looking at diet, exercise, core beliefs, healing and spiritual practices and we take you by the hand and help you make the necessary changes to your life to move towards wellness and then how to maintain it. I want to make it clear right now that we believe in a holistic approach including integrated medicine and we think you need an oncologist that you have confidence in. We are not Doctors and we are certainly not anti Doctors, we believe that we enhance and compliment allopathic medicine. It is our belief that most people when facing a cancer diagnosis need a team of people to help them regain their wellness. We think Shining Bright should be a part of your team.